The Earth was without form and void. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of deep heaven. The act of original creation—bringing something into being where there is nothing—is an act reserved solely for the Godhead. When God spoke this planet into existence, a holy power was manifested that caused all of existing creation to shout for joy. It is easy to picture the sounds associated with that imagery as musical, for God is a God of music. And while great music was conceived in the heart of God, He was not content with keeping it there. It has been given to each of us a portion of musical appreciation. Music is the truly universal language. And when we run out of things to say, or cannot find the words to describe our feelings, music raises up its vehicle to give us transport to a thoughts conclusion; or a coda for a recurring feeling; or maybe that extra bit of energy that words alone cannot convey. And so we start the program today with a musical telling of the first acts of creation, when the Trinity bent down to this part of space and spoke our home into being with musical affluence, founded by the Father, created by the Son, and permeated by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit a Companion

We are creatures of sight. We see before we hear. Thus it was when our world was plunged into the darkness of sin, we lost the primary means of moving forward safely. But to our great joy and gladness, our God is a God of light. The very first thing given to our world at creation was light. And so along our journey here and now, we are granted the vision to see through God’s Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our ever present companion, never leaving our side. It is then, almost paradoxically, that as creatures of sight we cannot see with our eyes this very companion given to us by Christ. This, then, becomes the means by which our sense of faith is strengthened. We have the assurance that the companionship of the Holy Spirit is ever by our side, by observing His influence in everything around us, and by His direction in our own lives.

The Holy Spirit a Comforter

The Holy Spirit is not a cold, detached, incorporeal entity but, as Christ said, "...a comforter." What better assurance of this can there be, but by the very words of our Savior? As we walk through the valleys of life, we may be tempted to look at our current position and think we've been abandoned. This could not be further from the truth. The Comforter, the Spirit, is always with us, even right there in the valley of the shadow of death. There's something interesting about shadows--they vanish when light is present. They cannot exist in light. The Comforter that Jesus left us can make the darkest plain become the richest field of soft, dappled light. And when we recognize this, we respond joyfully by offering to God our all.

The Holy Spirit a Blessing

Wait quietly in the presence of the Lord while His thoughts form silently in the depths of our being. Do not try to rush this process, because hurry keeps our hearts earthbound. The Lord is the creator of the entire universe, yet He chooses to make His humble home in our hearts. It is there we know the Lord most intimately; it is there where He speaks to us in holy whispers. The noise of the world constantly competes with God for our attention. It is almost without thought that we treat stillness as a void to be filled with Earthly sounds. We can only handle so much; if we are completely preoccupied with the rush of our daily lives, we cannot hear His Voice, no matter how sweet it may sound. He will not force us to listen; but with great joy, we are assured He will never give up trying to speak to us. And if we ask His Spirit to quiet our minds, we will be able to hear His Still, Small Voice.