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Reading I – The Glory of God

“For Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever!” This stirring declaration at the conclusion of the prayer of our Lord, given to us while He walked among men, is one of the most profound and evocative declarations in all of Christendom. Not only does it boldly state to us the truth about God, but it also excites our imaginations about a Being who has no beginning, who dwells in light unapproachable, and who continues to create an endless universe out of nothing. Such power and such glory is fascinatingly incomprehensible to finite man. And yet, this same God longs to have intimate communion with each one of us, to call us His children, and to reveal to us the glory of His character – a glory that transcends even His mighty works of creation because it is the glory of selfless love.

Great music was conceived in the heart of God and He has bequeathed this sublime blessing to us to help us express the inexpressible about our creator and our redeemer. The concert this evening is presented for the glory of God and as we listen may we be drawn from the things of earth upward into heavenly realms and see only God.

Reading II – The Majesty of God

When one solitary planet in the vast expanse of space rebelled, God stepped forth and revealed to the universe a majesty that staggers the imagination – the majesty of humility. At creation God  bestowed on us a crown of glory and honor by entrusting us with rulership of His earth. He put us in charge of everything He made. But we betrayed this trust, chose another master, and brought upon ourselves the death of rebellion. God could have left us to our fate. But instead, this God of unfathomable power and glory humbled Himself and came to our planet as man. Willingly He took upon Himself the death that is ours so if we choose we can be liberated, restored, and given eternal life. We do not deserve this. But God’s yearning love for His fallen creation compelled Him to sacrifice Himself.

Someday in the immense splendor of the courts of heaven we will raise our voices in grateful Alleluias as we behold the risen and glorified Christ – His humble majesty now radiant with  omnipotence! And as His name is and continues to be exalted above every name in heaven and on earth we will forever contemplate this love and this majesty.

Reading III – Honor and Praise to God

By the glory of His selfless love and the majesty of His humility, God has given us a perfect revelation of Himself. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Only He who gave Himself that we might have eternal life has earned the right to receive this profound title. All heaven cannot contain the honor and praise due Him, and with joyful adoration we bow before our creator and  redeemer – the Lord God Omnipotent who will reign forever and ever! Truly He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and throughout the endless ages of eternity we will sing praises to Him who became one with us so that He might reveal to the universe the power and glory of God.