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Rejoice! Christ is Our Creator!
We are at war: with ourselves, with each other, and with God. And, every day, we are faced with trials both great and small. If left to our own devices, we would fail. Unable to endure the battles before us, life would become painful and hopeless. But there is hope because we have Christ! We have a real, tangible, beautiful and victorious Savior. He called into existence a world of beauty and also calls us family. Christ triumphed over the battles we face and says, “I am the way, my burden is light.” We have hope because we have Christ offering His nail-pierced hands with a joyful smile. He welcomes all who would come to Him for salvation. And so, we gather tonight to rejoice! We rejoice in our Creator Who was made flesh and dwelt among us and paid our price. We raise our voices to our risen Redeemer and Savior. We rejoice in Christ, our all!


Rejoice! Christ is Our Redeemer!
In this fallen world, there is only one true source of reassurance and it is the promise that this world is not our final home. To the Lamb on the Throne we say, “Worthy.” His Kingdom is glorious, and He rules over all. Christ has attained the title of Redeemer because He has saved us from the tempest and from destruction. O God beyond all praising, we marvel at Your beauty, and glory in Your ways, and make a joyful duty our sacrifice of praise.


Rejoice! Christ is Our Savior!
Though we may stumble, and our souls become weary with the heavy loads we bare, we need but listen for that still, small voice. It is the voice of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are raised up and able to meet our burdens by the strength of the One Who walked on stormy seas. He extends His hands and offers to take our burdens. He is our Mighty Fortress, a bulwark never failing. Christ Jesus, it is He! Our Savior walks beside us, along a trail that’s winding always upward. Through our Savior, our eyes will behold the city; through our Savior, God calls us home.


Rejoice! Christ Is Our All!
Think on this: You have been saved! Not might be, or will be; the gift of salvation through Christ is yours now. It is a gift of infinite and immeasurable love that comes with a peace that passes all understanding. We have only the service of our gratitude to give in return. We rejoice in Christ, our all, by saying:

“Glory to God, for the beauty of the earth!
Raise your voices, to the Lamb on the throne!

O God beyond all praising, how great Thou art!
You raise us up a mighty fortress.

Until then, ‘the day God calls me home,’
guide us, O Thou great Jehovah!”